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How To Build A Solar Furnace For Only $50

Heating systems at first utilized coal or wood as standard fuel. The requirement for the fuel is constantly on the increase. The existing stock of these flammable fuel is too limited to satiate the need. One must utilize the other naturally happening resources, which are in surplus, like the sun rays. These can be utilized effectively, for a range of purposes. Like the solar cookers, greasers, heating systems or heaters and so on. This can also be used to produce electrical power. The standard concept in all these devices is concentrating the rays onto the preferred point to produce extremely heats. This concentration of rays is accomplished by using convex lens. This heat produced can be transformed to any type of energy. Thus generation of electricity is also possible, by using heat energy to electrical energy converters.

This system essentially requires the mirror to have curvature, in order to refract the sun’s rays to the wanted point. The usage of convex lens of such plus size is not a possible idea. Mirrors can be so organized that it resembles a big convex lens. As the mirror shows the ray totally, one can get higher temperatures.The amount of heat created can be controlled with the variety of mirrors and/or the angle of the position of it. This high temperature can be utilized in the metallurgical industries or even for the domestic purpose. In United States, the biggest solar heating system constructed is about 35foot high and is found at Army Quartermaster Corps. Larger systems of the solar heating system are beneficial for large scale markets.

One can get a great less expensive solar furnace, which can be used for soldering purposes, or for kiln, or even melting metals with lower melting points. This mirror shows the sun rays to the focal point.

One can get a good less expensive solar heating system, which can be used for soldering purposes, or for kiln, or perhaps melting metals with lower melting points. The expense efficiency of this heater is because of the truth that the convex lens can be replaced with a much less expensive variation of Fresnel lens. This lens is made of plastic, but can be grooved to the needed density to replacement for the mirror. This mirror shows the sun rays to the focal point.

These more affordable versions of the heating system need an install to hold these mirrors. It can not use the sun’s ray all through the day if the mirror is repaired just in one position. If the install that holds these mirrors are made to track the sun through the day, it may be really useful, offering the heat constantly. Heating systems that are constructed on large scale may utilize automatic tracking of sun.

The only con with such heating system is that it is reliant on the sun. It is of no use, if the environment is cloudy all the time. It can not be utilized in the geographical areas, where the sun’s ray is very limited.

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